Sunday, 18 September 2011

It's the end of an era...

Since finishing Uni, I have been working on the Customer Services department at Moda in Pelle... this was just a temporary role because my heart is in Buying, but unfortunately they don't have a suitable full time role available for me. So I began applying like mad for graduate and entry level Buying jobs. I applied for the trainee scheme at Next last year and they got in touch at the perfect time! The assessment centre was in July, and a week later I was offered a job! They confirmed my start date (the 26th September) 4 weeks ago and since then my life has been extremely hectic! I now have a house in Leicester and a pile of boxes ready to move!

With new starts, comes goodbyes! On Friday I had to say goodbye to everyone at Moda. Although I am very excited about my new job, I am also so sad to be leaving Moda behind. I have been there for 3 and a half years, working in various departments and with some very lovely people! On my last day, they presented me with some gorgeous gifts including a doormat for my new home and gift vouchers for Cath Kidston.

So whilst I have a million things to do before the move... I can't help but ponder over what to spend my vouchers on! I will certainly enjoy filling my new kitchen with some gorgeous goodies!