Sunday, 9 September 2012

Zaggora... they really do work!

I came across Zaggora on facebook a few months ago... I was very dubious so started doing some research to see whether they get good reviews. I couldn't find a single bad review anywhere, and I also found that they were selling on ebay for about £30 so decided that if they didn't work for me I could always sell them!
I chose the Viva Hotpants in pink (I paid £40 as I had a 20% discount code - usually £50). They did take about two weeks to arrive but I was told there would be a delay when I ordered. 
By the time they arrived, I had 2 weeks until my holiday so I decided to take on the Zaggora two week challenge. Basically, it challenges you to weigh and measure yourself before spending at least 30mins wearing the hotpants every day for two weeks, then weigh and measure yourself again and see what a difference it has made. 
I was going to the gym every morning for about 40 mins, so just started to wear them during my usual workout. The first thing to note, is how sweaty you get! It really surprised me (even though I had read about this beforehand). I also found that they can be quite noisy when your legs rub together (i.e. whilst on the treadmill) so I started wearing my usual workout trousers over the top which has solved the problem.
The other issue is that they are handwash only. I would need to handwash them anyway because I'm using them every day but I feel like they could do with a really good wash in the machine!

The results:
So... after two weeks, I weighed and measured myself again and here are the results:
Weight - lost 8lb
Waist - lost 1 inch
Hips - lost 2inches
Bum - lost 2 inches
Thighs - lost 1 inch each

I realise that Zaggora critics say that it is just water weight and that you will put it all back on again when you stop using them, but what Zaggora has done is give me the motivation to keep going. I was going to the gym every day and barely noticing any change until I stated using these. I would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Buy yours here (keep an eye out on their Facebook page too as they often have discount codes):

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